1. Juno Temple- She is a British actress who was is Year One with Jack Black and Michael Cera. She is also coming out in some really good movies this year. I will be watching her this year because of her amazing style and sparky personality. Also, I LOVE her hair.
2. Coke Zero- I don't drink soda but when I do this is what I have been going to lately to get my good old Coke fix, haha. But anyway, it's like a desert I don't feel bad for.
3. Klaleidoscope Heart (Sara Bareilles) & Lungs (Florence + the Machine)- These albums are so amazing, defiantly two waker-uper albums.
4.See's Candy V-day Box- You know we will all be enjoying these in a week or two...and for a while after.
5. Butter London (Royal Navy)- I absolutely love this nail polish. Mainly because of the design of the bottle and the colors the brand offers. &Only $14 on their website.(http://www.butterlondon.com)
6.Rue Magazine- This magazine is amazing if you have a crazy-quorky style for you home, & best part is that it's all online.(http://www.ruemag.com) Also, this month has the lovely Alison Sudol on the cover.(Lead singer of A Fine Frenzy)
7.NYC skyline- I am going to NY on the 19th and I will be defiantly obsessing over the city for a while.
8.Style by Lauren Conrad- This is a must have for anyone who loves their sense of style and sometimes needs some reassurance. The book has some amazing tips no matter what your style or body type is.
9.Cuties- I have decided I am obsessed with anything mini and this fits in that category. I always have them in my purse, and hey, you get vitamin C.
10.Marc Jacobs Nemo Nisi Mors ring- Such a cute ring, and only $3 at the Marc Jacobs store. It's Latin, so it will give you something to Google. (But basically means "no one has death")


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