Delayed flight back to NYC and finished a project

Getting ready to go back to the city I wrapped up my project of 'wallet' making so I can go back bearing gifts. I'm quite happy with the turnout. I wish I could take my sewing machine back to school with me but.. where would I put it? Along with the fact that it actually really isn't mine at all, it is my mothers, so there is that problem. Assuming I will get my own place this summer I will most definitely invest in a sewing machine, it's oddly the love of my life. Who knew, me, who is obsessed will all things graphic art that I'd love to sew?! Anyway, I am writing this post live from gate A12 in SFO waiting to go back to the craziness I call 'home'.

Well, those are most of the finished products, defiantly an addicting hobby.
Anyway, my plane is almost ready to board (finally), and between us, its obvious I'm flying into JFK with the amount of hipsters that will be on this plane with me.
Happy Friday


breaking the hiatus and sewing

I've been over coming life adjustments while being consumed with school work and city life, but  i've reluctantly picked up a new hobby - sewing. This started out during the making of a final project for my 3D class. We were supposed to design and sew a kite. Being incredibly stubborn, and the fact that I despised the mere idea of sewing, I was furious. But during the process I surprisingly fell in love.
Anyway, with my new hobby, I made wallets for Christmas presents this year and to fill my winter break with something to do -
  I made them using a 'table cloth' material, which is plastic, on the outside and lined them with a patterned fabric on the inside.
happy tuesday 


The reason I haven't been blogging and how I miss it so very much


To say the least, it has been a challenge. The small amount of time I have to myself I am sleeping or remembering to eat so I haven't really been able to focus too much of my attention here but I cannot get this blog off my mind. Over Thanksgiving and winter break I will be able to focus all of my attention here and hopefully I'll come up with some amazing ideas. 
Anyway here is my favorite piece I made in my favorite class (2D) -


A new begining and canceled classes

I'm not done decorating but I thought I'd share my dorm room with my blog!
I've been feeling really at  home in New York City with the help of my 5 other roommates. NYC really is a magical place and I'd advise everyone that I know to come here at least once in their lifetime.

 Anyway, besides decorating my dorm room I have been exploring the city and learning new things about life. & Along with the hurricane, my first day of classes got canceled, so, I had more time to explore this wonderful city I am lucky enough to call my second home. I am so inspired I can't wait to get started on artwork.


Google + indecent / College

Due to the recent buzz of Google + I decided to sign up, why not? Well... really this is why not.. I thought I was quite tech savvy, so you say, and I decided to accidentally deleted all of my blog pictures from all of my posts. I was and still am in a state of shock and I need to desperately repair this little blog of mine. And since I actually just moved to NYC for college I will be spending this weekend locked in my room due to hurricane Irene, so I will be able to give 'Unconventional, Works' some tender love and care.
But anywho!
I am going to Parsons New School for Design and I will be majoring in Communication Design, but first I am doing a foundation year. I am so excited for what this year will bring me and I had such a short summer that I wasn't able to finish everything on my to-do list but I know I will finish it this year at some point.
The city has made me so inspired that I feel like I will be blogging about some pretty cool things and growing in my design and I am excited to share it with whoever will listen.
I have also intensely decorated my dorm room and will be taking pictures this weekend and posting them, and possibly doing an August / September obsession post. (yay!)
See you soon