Delayed flight back to NYC and finished a project

Getting ready to go back to the city I wrapped up my project of 'wallet' making so I can go back bearing gifts. I'm quite happy with the turnout. I wish I could take my sewing machine back to school with me but.. where would I put it? Along with the fact that it actually really isn't mine at all, it is my mothers, so there is that problem. Assuming I will get my own place this summer I will most definitely invest in a sewing machine, it's oddly the love of my life. Who knew, me, who is obsessed will all things graphic art that I'd love to sew?! Anyway, I am writing this post live from gate A12 in SFO waiting to go back to the craziness I call 'home'.

Well, those are most of the finished products, defiantly an addicting hobby.
Anyway, my plane is almost ready to board (finally), and between us, its obvious I'm flying into JFK with the amount of hipsters that will be on this plane with me.
Happy Friday

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