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Due to the recent buzz of Google + I decided to sign up, why not? Well... really this is why not.. I thought I was quite tech savvy, so you say, and I decided to accidentally deleted all of my blog pictures from all of my posts. I was and still am in a state of shock and I need to desperately repair this little blog of mine. And since I actually just moved to NYC for college I will be spending this weekend locked in my room due to hurricane Irene, so I will be able to give 'Unconventional, Works' some tender love and care.
But anywho!
I am going to Parsons New School for Design and I will be majoring in Communication Design, but first I am doing a foundation year. I am so excited for what this year will bring me and I had such a short summer that I wasn't able to finish everything on my to-do list but I know I will finish it this year at some point.
The city has made me so inspired that I feel like I will be blogging about some pretty cool things and growing in my design and I am excited to share it with whoever will listen.
I have also intensely decorated my dorm room and will be taking pictures this weekend and posting them, and possibly doing an August / September obsession post. (yay!)
See you soon

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