One Week

One week without a single post...
Unless my dear friend Perri lets me use her computer while I am visiting her in New York, buttt I need a break.
Ever since I have graduated (December) I have been extremely stressed and busy and blahblahblah; so it will be wonderful to have a nice, long,  and good vacation. (That is why I am not bringing my computer with me, if you haven't caught my drift.)
I just sent the book I designed to the publishing company this morning(YES!) So I will be celebrating the end of an extremely long job that I, of course, didn't get paid for. (That's okay though because I love Marin School of the Arts and if I get lucky I will get a free book)

I will post a whole bunch of pictures when I get home! In the mean time, wish me luck and I will miss the blogging world but will promptly return to it after I return from the 'Big Apple' (The reason why my nails are painted bright red. Yes, I am that cheesy.)


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