I Never Say Never, But....

Never wear blue nail polish while making cards and packaging them. OR folding any type of paper that you don't want blue streaks on. Don't get me wrong, my dark blue Butter London nail polish is my favorite but it loves to rub off on paper. Which doesn't settle well with me. Luckily I have mastered packaging my cards without damaging them with blue nail polish streaks. But it has taken a long time to master, I must say it was well worth it.
I added five new cards to my etsy today and I am very excited.
Along with new cards I made a decision that makes me and everyone around me more at ease and defiantly happier. I narrowed down my college list to six instead of nine! Unfortunately it is still a large number so I might drop it to five, but lets not push it. I just can't wait till this is all done and I get to go to New York. YES! New York! I am going in Feb. and I am so overcome with joy, and extremely excited to spend much needed girl time with my New Yorker<3
But until then I have many things to do and I am considering putting my portfolio online somewhere so I can share it with people. I love sharing what I do and I want to help people get better at what they do if I can in any way possible. But I will just wait to see what comes next in this chapter of my life!
Here are some of the cards I posted today:

If you like them or want to see more then check out my etsy! etsy.com/shop/hndmadesunshine

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