Rainy day parade

My first official post. I started this blog as somewhat of an archive, and somewhere to share information about how I make things. I'm actually really excited to see how this goes. I feel like I needed something new in my life since I just turned the spare room, with help from my mother, into my own art studio. Which I am currently in and loving, minus the yelps and cries from my three kittens outside my door. It is okay though, I am flushing their noises out with the wonderful sounds of the Adele radio on Pandora while looking out my window to a gorgeous view of a rainy day. I have been working on things all day while ignoring my homework. I'll put them on my etsy and possibly catch peoples eye...
& Although my room is extremely messy, I couldn't help it..

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  1. This room has been transformed, it's awesome! I am so excited for you...I can't wait to see more of what comes from your creative mind! This is only the beginning, and you and your mom have created a fun space to do that in...and so, when you come here you can help me with some of your ideas to get me a little organized with all of my different arts that are going on in my room!! And I do have a few have a few going on...