Hi Daylight Savings, Nice to See You Again.

5:40 PM = Pitch black outside. Insane? Just a little.

I have found inspiration in the wonderful season of Fall. Along with the clothes and new styles that comes with it, thank you Urban, Free People, and Anthro. Sepia tone is also growing on me, I'm falling in love with Fall colors and anything vintage all over again.
With all my inspiration something has to come along with it.. so I had a 'me' day and worked in my sketch book. I have felt very productive and hope I can get a portfolio piece out of this, who knows..
It's to girly, yes, to girly. I never thought I could put something together and have it be to girly, but I guess that is how I express myself? I will be making new pieces ASAP that have more focus and are steered away from a girly vibe. Let's see how this goes, wish me luck.

& here are some pictures of what I have done today..

I have been working on holiday cards! I just need more paper, so they aren't done yet, but they are almost there!

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