What? I Can Make Jewlery?

Uhh, heck yes I can.
For my Marin School of the Arts (MSA) Digital Art class I made a necklace that was basically two images(back and front) held together with glass(I also put things like flakes of copper and super tiny dead flowers inside it) then with a metal frame that I soldered, holding everything together. But the great news is; it sold at a show put on by my school! I honestly didn't think it would sell, and to be super honest I wanted it not to sell so I could keep it for myself. Selfish yes, but I loved it.
Okay so on to the even better news:
It was such a hit people have put in orders for me to make more. Yeah, what?!? I have to make more of something I thought no one would like except me. And since there is a demand for these little 1inch x 1inch squares on a string I have decided to put it in my portfolio. EXCITING, right? Once I make more I will put pictures up on here.
Well, I am filled with joy because of this and my college interview went very well.
Have a wonderful day.

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