My Lucky Number is 11

Well, not really. I really like the number 3. Annndddd the number 24.
But anyway 11 is how many of my holiday cards have sold so far at my work! That is out of 13, so there are two little baby cards hanging around in their cute little decorated holder waiting to be taken home and shared with many people.

Yeah, I know, insane.

What will I do with myself you ask?
Well my lovely reader, I will finish all of my college nonsense aka my portfolio, hometests, essay, and plain old apps. 

I will also clean my room like crazy, do a lot of laundry, catch up on much needed sleep, become a better baker, take up a new and interesting hobby like building mini houses from cards, travel, work on my greeting cards, paint, do my makeup in new crazy ways, work on a book for MSA, pick up more hours at the old photo store, get back into photography, and finish reading the Twilight series.

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