Uh uh uh uh-oh

A week has past and I haven't blogged? I'm sorry, what? Yeah...
I haven't been on the computer much, actually almost not at all and I have been using my handy-dandy iPhone for internet.
Between graduating school, finishing up nonsense assignments, getting ready to hand in college apps, working on art, and Christmas shopping I have found myself lost in my own little world of craziness.
I am defiantly happy and sad that Christmas is almost here. I want presents(I'm not a brat, they are just awesome) and I want people to open the presents I gave them, but, I love this time of year and I don't want it to go away. I love all the music, decor, and cheer that comes with the holidays.
So for as long as I can I will keep the holiday spirit alive an well!
I am off to wrap more presents and make Christmas cards!

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