Merry Merry Happy Happy

It's 2011!
To start off the New Year I sent in two college applications. (Pratt & Cornish) I also have been taking it easy, I am feeling a bit under the weather but I have a couple days off to recover and finish my portfolio. I am almost done with my figure drawing piece, I am just having trouble with the hands, then I have two more pieces to finish till I am done. 
I cannot tell anyone how excited for this year I am because I haven't really been able to fathom the words to describe my feelings yet. But I will give it a try:
I will be deciding what college to go to and then actually going off to college. But before that I am going to New York. Then I will be staying in San Diego for a bit and of course making a pit stop to my favorite forest get away- Bend, Oregon.
I am extremely scared for 2011, but extremely excited. Most of all I am hoping these 2012/end of the world rumors aren't true because I'd like to keep living.

For the next couple of days I will be on a hiatus, creating up a storm.

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