I Can't Sleep

But why?
I am wide awake and can hardly ever fall asleep before 12:30 AM. There is absolutely no reason for this besides the fact I am wide awake but what am I doing with this time? 
I am playing solitaire on my iPhone while laying in bed, flipping through channels, cleaning my room, and playing with my rabbit. But once in a blue moon I break the normal routine and actually get stuff done, like art. 
Which, by the way, I need to pick back up because college applications are not over with. 
I have been on a bit of a dry spell due to being incredibly sick and my art rooms being horrendously filthy.
 ANYWAY: Should I be doing more fulfilling things with this time I have? 
The answer- Y E S
So as of tomorrow if I dare stay up past 11:30 (after Chelsea Lately, but it's only on weekdays so i'd say 11 on weekends) then I need to do something useful.
It's a done deal; and possibly a New Years resolution.

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