Happy Days

Recently I was given a beautiful journal from a dear friend for Christmas/graduation. I got home, sat down, and started writing in it. Then, it dawned on me. I have millions of journals, all different styles, sizes, and colors. But why did I start using this one the way journals are supposed to be used? I normally carry one in my bag to write down things I need to remember, buy, or go do. But this one is different. I'm sort of writing my life in it day by day. 
I  thought about 'why' all night and I realized that I am able to document myself in such a way because I am happy where I am in my life. I don't think I have ever been this happy. And why now? The weather? My new juice cleanse? College coming up soon?
Whatever the answer is I don't care and I don't want to keep thinking about it. All I know is that I have found out who I really am and I am really happy with the outcome.
It's makes me think of how many other people are in my situation and what brought them to that realization? For me it was a cute journal and possibly a great lunch were I actually ate a salad and enjoyed it.
Whatever the reason, I am happy and that's all that matters.
I hope you are happy too.

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