Creative Writing Book: Take Two

My second year being the creative director for the Marin School of The Arts Creative Writing Book.
WOO. What a long title.

But in all seriousness I am looking forward to finishing this, but it, of course, couldn't come at a worse time.(College apps are done but not my 16x20 drawings or my Parson's Challenge) But I will get it done! I promise.
Since it is my second time designing this book I have no doubts that this will run as smoothly as possible. And so far it has. I have extremely high hopes.

On another note:
I have recently discovered, with great surprise ( along with everyone else ), that I am supposedly no longer a Gemini, I am a Taurus. What?! ... yeah.
But, with more great surprise, I did myself a little researching and found I am more like a Taurus then a Gemini and my horoscope fit me perfectly. 
It is so crazy how things like this change in life. Something that you were sure about, knew for a fact, and didn't think would change actually did.

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