1.  OPI nail lacquer : The darkest one(My Private Jet) is the color I am currently wearing, and let me tell you, it looks like the universe. The pink-ish one is called Step 2 The Beat of My Heart by Justin Bieber, so yes I might have a tiny fever but only enough of one for me to love this color, it has mini hearts it in! & The last one is a gorgeous green just for the sake of it being March, this is my next color on my nails.
2. Nylon February & March : I haven't gotten a chance to fully read the March issue but I am still obsessing over February's.
3. Starbucks new logo : Way to vamp up your design Starbucks. I love how minimal it is but not loosing to much detail. You go girl.
4. Cut out wedges : Spring is approaching and us girls will want to vamp up our shoe collection while putting our wonderful boots in the back of our closet. The turquoise pair (Matiko Modern Cutout Wedge) is a very reasonable height and good for everyday. While, on the other hand, the red pair (Dolce Vita Strappy Platform Wedge) are ideal for something a little more dressy or if you want to take a risk. Both are able to be found on UrbanOutfitters.com
5. Leighton Meester : Because she was the February cover girl I got caught up in her interview with Nylon and finally saw her not as Blair Waldorf, but as Leighton. Props to her, she is amazing and I am officially obsessed. (and now following on Twitter)
6. Fish Bone Drop Earrings : I bought these at Topshop in SoHo and I can't get over how extremely odd and cute they are. If you like them as much as I do, you can get them online.
7.  Brothers : The Black Keys are a band i've liked for awhile but I just recently got their full album and I cannot get enough. It's a wonderful mix of songs to listen to and dance around in your room. (At least for me)
8. Beaded Animal Drop Earring : UH, how cute are these?! As you may know, I am obsessed with owls, I have been since I was a kid and these will add to my owl jewelery collection. I haven't bought them yet so paws off. (But I'll be nice and give you the link to buy them.)

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