May... kind of.

I recently got my wisdom teeth out! Something I wanted to do before college, but not something I have enjoyed. Of course, I have had a terrible reaction to my pain medication and, to say the least, it hasn't been a happy journey. My point being, I will not be doing a May obsessions post, but I will do a Summer to-do list instead. It's something I have been obsessing about and have been thinking about due to being bed ridden and delirious. This to-do list will contain projects and adventures that I will complete over the course of my summer before college and I will blog about each one.

1. DIY : Redecorating Richie's room! I want to see what I can do with a bucket of paint.
2. Volunteer : At my local animal shelter of course. Since I will finally be 18 I am legally allowed to pet bunnies all day.
3. Temporary pet : Speaking of being legal. I am allowed to buy animals from pet stores. A fish will be mine this summer.
4. FoodNetwork-esk dinner party : I've tried, and somewhat failed. I will do this time. Ina Garten will be my inspiration. (That's right, who cares about Martha Stewart?)
5. Summer job : Working at my local, and favorite, pet food store. I will make it happen.
6. New hair : My hair is extremely long, meaning I can do anything with it. My hairstylist and I will come up with something brilliant.

That's it!
I don't want to overwhelm myself and I want to thoroughly document all of these subjects. I am excited, and I really hope you are too.

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