Due to my lacking of Photoshop this month, I've used Polyvore.  I hope you enjoy.April
I am going left to right since there are no numbers. (sorry!)
1. Stila eyeshadow : I am in love with gold eyeshadow, but since the sun is starting to come out, I am becoming a little more obsessed than usual.
2. Printed Paperbag Waist Skirt : Spring is coming and flowers are official on my mind. This high waisted skirt from Topshop is perfect.
3. Otis & Maclain - Mae crop tee : Warmer weather will hopefully be coming soon and I'd like to welcome it with a wonderful collection of cropped tees. (www.amrag.com)
4. Ray-Ban Wayfarer' Sunglasses : I have been obsessed with the Ray-Ban brand ever since I bought my wonderful boyfriend a pair of his own, so maybe someone will take this hint.
5. Prezzo NY Scenes Box Satchel : Since I have made the decision to venture off to NYC for college I cannot get it off my mind. I have become obsessed with NYC-ish accessories.
6. Strappy Wedge Sandal : I am still very much obsessed with strappy wedges! These ones are by Karen Millen and are very expensive, so I will keep obsessing from afar.
7. Cool Drapy Knit Cardigan : Talk about the cutest thing ever. I am in love with blazers and I feel like this cardigan has a blazer feel to it. the back of it is extremely cute aswell. (http://www.only.bestsellershop.com/)
8. Carved Roses Bracelet :  Flowers = on my mind. It is only the right thing to be obsessed with bracelets like this one from Forever 21.
9. Free People catalog page : I was / am really inspired from the Free People's catalog this month. I have re-gained my love for a fish tale braid and I based this months obsession page off of this color scheme. (FP April catalog)
1o. Jayro V-neck Flower Long Cardigan : One last thing to wrap up my flower obsession for this month (and probably May). Common' it's adorable.


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