I Took a Break

At least from the internet this weekend. Not much of a break since I was working, doing homework, and carving pumpkins.(only good part of my weekend, and I know I am a terrible person I don't have a picture of it on my computer yet, but I can say it is a very adorable owl.) 

I feel like more than ever I am obsessing over owls. Possibly because I am realizing they are the next best thing to chocolate these days&it's a whole new trend I never realized till I started using Etsy. Luckily I can say I am 'original' and have been collecting owl figures since I was a kid, but I won't get into that and bore you to death/brag. Who wants that? No one.

Also, I have been hard at work in my little lab of an art room creating owl cards, as you know, but I decided to take a different approach and make some illustrations of owls on the computer. Brilliant, yes, combing my two favorite things. I am excited to print them out and start making some really cool things. There are already tons of ideas brewing in my head. But this might all take awhile since I am jam packed with work for the next two weeks and have mounds of college work and homework to do. (This is what I get for doing independent study, yaaayyy....)
Along with that! I am going to change my happy, wonderful, easy decision on 6 colleges up to 7 or 8.(I'm not trying to go back to 9) But the fact I at least need one safe school somewhere on the west coast has hit me and I am back in a dark whole of college decisions.

For now here is a teaser of what is to come..

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