Night Owl

I have slaved over my cutting mat for hours and made tiny little owls out of paper. Not an ideal Friday night but I'll take it since I'm sick. Luckily the card I made with them didn't come out half bad. I'll probably be putting it on etsy within the next couple of days.

In other news:
I am extremely satisfied with the weather lately, it has been perfect. Also, I bought two pumpkins yesterday to carve but fell asleep(of course) so I will be carving them tomorrow and I will put pictures up as soon as I am done. I am on the topic of Halloween so I should be talking about my costume.. I was thinking a lady bug but there aren't to many flattering costumes around unless I'd like to wear close to nothing, and I do not, at all. I'm considering becoming an owl? I have no idea how I would do that so possibly a butterfly or something easy but quirky and not anything (I don't know how to put this lightly) slutty. I will keep searching and hopefully find something!
For the time being here are some pictures I took of my cards, don't mind the lighting I am tired and slightly lazy..

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