Starbucks-esk Holiday Feeling

Currently I am residing at a Starbucks, writing up a storm of college essays. Everything here has changed to holiday colors and smells. It is making me excited for my new cards. I am thinking a lot of snowflakes and Christmas trees. I don't think I will go with the normal holiday colors though. I will defiantly be doing red&white because I love those as a twist to normal red&green. I also will probably be doing white and lime green. I cannot wait to get started on everything. I really wish I had a couple of weeks off of work to get back on track with life. 

I feel like it is important to always have time to yourself, to do things that make you happy so you can figure out who you are, for me that would be barricading myself in my art room with paper everywhere. I will probably do that this weekend, most likely Sunday. I am just crossing my fingers it will get back to being cold and rainy instead of hot and sunny. It's supposed to get to 77 degrees today..really California?

On an inspirational note:
My quote of the day..or mostly my life.
It's a terrible thing to have to much time on your hands.
I only feel this way because I almost never have any time to do nothing and I live off coffee, please don't be like me but think about all the things you could be doing instead of laying on the couch and watching tv.

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